My “Duh” Moment at a Health Fair

Earlier this week I was asked to attend a health fair at one of our sponsor companies to help out one of my co-workers.   Of course, I went.  I arrived bright and early at 7 am to meet the coordinator of the health fair.  She set me up with a table and went to help others get ready.

As I was setting out our brochures on credit cards, checking, etc. I couldn’t help but think back a few years to when I had coordinated a health fair while interning at a trucking company.  I had called doctors, dentists, physical therapists, sleep apnea specialists, and nutritionists, and found information on smoking cessation but not once had I thought of a financial institution.  At UECU, we would say at that time in my life financial wellness relating to health issues was not in my “background of obviousness.”  Knowing what I know now, it totally makes sense, almost a “duh” moment.  But, props to this health fair coordinator who thought to help her employees’ financial health, in turn helping their physical and mental health.

And if you don’t offer a health fair, think about it.  It might take 15 minutes for each employee to speak with the different people and companies you bring in, but the information could end up saving plenty of money in health care costs.  To start – call local doctors, dentists, etc that take your insurance.  They’re usually happy to send someone (plus some goodies, our dentist gave everyone new toothbrushes) for the opportunity of new clients.  And don’t forget about financial health!!

Feel free to share any other health fair vendor options in the comments!  Maybe others haven’t thought of it…

Erica L.

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